Friday, October 4, 2019

                                    My best friends

I have 3 best friends, Mary, Christina and Despina.  I met Christina and Despina when I was 6. I met Mary last year. We are at the same class. At breaks we are together. We talk about the lessons during the break. I am lucky I have this girl's for besties.
I love them so much!!!


Thursday, October 3, 2019

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is a Horse riding
I go on Friday at 16:45-17:45
I do horse riding in horse riding school.It’really fun!
I love horses and in 2023 I will buy a horse!
My horse is a girl and her name is Klaira!
l hope until l buy her, nobody will have her!!


My favourite sport is football. In summer, it's hot but I play football.I sometimes play football in winter too.My favourite time to play football is in the afternoon.All my friends like football.I always play football with my friend. Every time I go to the party and I always play football.Football is good exercise. I love football.

My favourite sport

My favourite sport is volleyball.I learned how to play at school. I think it is a very good exercise and it is fun!!! You have to be fast and it does not matter if you are a man or a woman. It is very exciting and it is not too difficult.I think it is a perfect sport!!!          


My favourite sport is the trampoline.I love this sport, it's amazing ,exciting ,difficult and it's very rewarding.I'm very good at this.I jump very high in air.Sometimes i do the exercises wrong. I always land on my feet.The harder I push ,the higher I  go up in the air.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Alina

My favorite sport cycling

     My sport is cycling. I do tricks, training and cycling races. I ride a bike for 5 hoyrs in a week. Sometimes we can do different exercises like runing, muscle stretching and weights.I Always have to eat healthy food and a lot o.I preferto bike with friends and not alone. Cycling is an amazing sport with beautifuland different experiences.


Image result for ποδηλασιαImage result for ποδηλασια

My fanorite sport

My favourite sport 

My fanourite sport is tennis ,twice a week I play tennis for two hours .Its very good excercise and is very tiring .To play tennis you need special shoes and light clothes and of  course you need a racket.You need to play hours to be a professional but I play it because it is my hobby .You can only play tennis in a court with a tennis ball .I like to play tennis with friends very much ,I know three friends who play tennis tennis and I train with two of them.The perfect time to play tennis is evening .

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My favorite sport

       My favorite sport is football. I love football because you have to think very fast what you should do! Should you pass the ball to your friend? Should you cross all the stadium with the ball? Should you shoot? It's up to where the opponents are. It's exciting and tiring.
       The best football time is the Autumn when it's raining! If you are tired, the rain is rewarding you. You are playing football and relaxing too.
       That's why I love football.

my favourite sport

My favourite sport is football
you need a ball of course,you need a team of 11 people and finally you need sporty clothes and sneakers.
My friends all like football, too, so I usually go to the football academy with some of them.
I like football because it is  good exercise and you make good friends.
It isn't easy and it can be tiring.
It's the perfect sport for me.

Thursday, August 1, 2019

My Sunday!

   My  Sunday was very funny.I was to the beach with my family,We were to the beach for five hours,We ate ice cream and  we drank a lot of cold water.Then we went to a restaurant with beautiful
view.We walked into a village.After that we went to a pool.In the pool we played  my brother  and I.I forgot that I found a lot of corals in the beach.In the village I found a very cute shop from there I bought a pair of sandals.Then we arrived home and immediately I fell asleep.This day was a very funny day for me!