Thursday, May 30, 2013

A letter to Lee

Hi Lee, 

Thank you for the e-mail. I'm afraid I can't come to China and celebrate Chinese New Year with you. It's too far for me and I've got school these days, I am not on holidays. 

My favorite Greek celebration is Easter. I like it because it's in spring and the nature is blooming. During the Holy Week we make preparations for the Holy Saturday and the resurrection. On Holy Thursday we paint our eggs red and go to the church. On Good Friday we follow 'epitafios' which is the symbolic grave of Christ. On Holy Saturday we go to the church late at night. At the midnight the priest says " Christos anesti" which means Christ truthfully rose from grave. Then we return home and eat a traditional soup made of liver.

Would you like to come and celebrate Easter with me? I look forward to your answer.

Love from George 

Friday, May 24, 2013

The Movers Test: Speaking, Reading and Writing

Personal Questions (final stage):

What’s your favourite day?
How do you go to school?
Who do you sit next to at school?
Tell me about your teacher.

Do you live in a house or a flat?
How many rooms are there in your house?
What’s your favourite room?
Tell me about your (bedroom) the candidate’s favourite room.

What’s your favourite fruit?
Who cooks in your house?
Where do you eat your breakfast?
Tell me about your favourite dinner.

Where do you go with your family at the weekend?
What games do you play at the weekend?
What are your hobbies ?
Tell me about your weekend.

Have you got a pet? (if yes) What is it?
Where did you get your pet?
What is it called? (if no) Would you like to have a pet?
Would you like to have a dog?
What’s your favourite animal?

Movers Reading & Writing - JAN, jezikovna šola
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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

iPads rock!

The fantastic twins drew a wonderful apron!

Nick played Bad Piggies and won!

George beautifully drew a bridge in Venice on his own iPad. 

Sunday, May 19, 2013

A conversation with the examiner

EXAMINER: Where do you eat at the weekend?
NICK:I never go to a particular restaurant to eat -I go to restaurants that have lots of space for me to play. (What about eating at home?)

EXAMINER:Who do you go there with?
NICK:I usually go there with my parents ,but sometimes I go there with my friends and their families.

EXAMINER:Where do you like going on your holidays?
NICK:I like going to my village, because I have lots of friends there, or staying in a hotel with my friends and their families.

Examiner:Tell me about your school.
Nick:My school's name is PAGRITIO and it is huge.It's got two big playgrounds and two basketball courts and football pitches for us to play.The building has got two floors and lots of classrooms.There's also a basement where the toilets are.

Examiner:How many people are there in your family?
Nick:There are three people in my family.My dad ,my mum and I.My Dad's name is Alexis and my Mum's is Antigone.

Examiner.What do you after school?
Nick:I always discuss with my parents about what did we did during the day and do my homework for the next day.

Examiner Who do you play with at home?
Nick:I usually play basketball with Dad at home ,but when he isn't there, I play Scrabble with Mum.

Examiner:Tell me about your favourite toy.
NICK:My favourite toys are the NERF guns.They throw fake bullets to kill the enemy.I always play NERF with my friends.NERF guns are amazing!

Friday, May 10, 2013


   Examiner:What's your favourite food?
   Nick:My favourite food is spaghetti with minced meat.
   Examiner: Who cooks the food in your family?
   Nick:My mum usually cooks the food ,but when she's tired of working, Dad and I cook the food.
   Examiner:Where do you eat in your home?
   Nick:We usually eat in the kitchen ,but when we have guests we eat in the dining room.
   Examiner:Tell me about your breakfast.
   Nick:I usually have my breakfast with my dad.I always have some biscuits with milk for breakfast.

Thursday, May 9, 2013

007 and the mystery criminal

Two months ago James Bond was in Istanbul following an unknown criminal on a moving train. The criminal shot him, but he hit him in the shoulder. The train was on a bridge and the two men were fighting angrily. Another agent of MI6 was watching them nervously. The leader of MI6 ,her nickname was"Mum", gave an order to the agent to shoot. The agent didn't want to shoot, because he could hit Bond. Finally, he shot and he hit 007. Bond fell off the bridge quickly in the water, but he wasn't badly injured. He was still alive.

Everybody thought that he was dead, but they were wrong. When 007 returned home and took out the bullet from his shoulder, he found out that this bullet was unique. So, he had to find who the criminal was. He searched for information on the Internet. He found out his name, he saw how he looked like and he found that he was at  Sangai. 

He went there and found the criminal at a high building. The criminal had just killed a very important person. They fought hard and James Bond pushed him backwards. The criminal almost fell off the building, but Bond caught him.It was early in the morning. The criminal let Bond's hand and fell.


Wednesday, May 8, 2013

An email to Lee

Dear lee,

Thanks for your email.I was interested in reading about the Chinese New Year customs.I might come and celebrate New Year with you.

But I want to tell you about my favourite celebration.My favourite celebration is Easter.We do lots of different activities to celebrate Easter.For example, we dye the eggs red,bake the buns, throw fireworks,celebrate the Ressurection of Christ and of course we go to the church.

Would you like to come here in Greece and celebrate Easter with me?I look forward to your next email.

Love from,