Sunday, March 15, 2015

Reading competition!

Hello guys! I would like to inform you that the reading competition our French e-pals are organising is on Wednesday! So don't forget to prepare and be ready! Here is the link to the words and the story:

Sherlock: Important words

See you soon, agents!

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Sherlock Holmes_Empty House(questions for our French friends)

Choose the correct answer:

The name of the victim is: 
a)Sherlock Holms
b)Ronald Adair

The victim lived in:

Sherlock Holmes is:
a) a spy

Complete the text with this words:
 (,Honourable Ronald Adair, murder,crime,trial,disappearance,succeeded,,criminal agent , London)

In the spring of 1894 everybody in  ____________________was interested in the murder of the ___________, murdered in unusual and inexplicable circumstances. The_______ itself was interesting, but it was nothing compared to the events I will now tell you about. You can imagine that after the years I spent with Sherlock Holmes I was interested in crime. After his___________ I tried to solve crimes with his methods. Sometimes I _____________, sometimes I didn't. No crime interested me more than the __________ of Ronald Adair. As I read the evidence, I realised how much I missed Sherlock Holmes, the number one _______________in Europe. He would have been a great help to the police. I will tell you the facts the public knew at the conclusion of the _____