Sunday, October 28, 2012

My friend's achievement

My friend Lefteris can do the longest jump on a skateboard in England.When he was only five, he started training for that achievement. He competed in the X GAMES in America. He was the winner, but only in America. He trains every day and he becomes better every year. He wants to be the best in the world.

Everything about Halloween!

Two thousand years ago, a nation called the Celts had a celebration. On 1 November they celebrated the New Year.

Some centuries later, the Christians had another celebration on the same day called All Hallows. That was a celebration which is about a special holy day to honour the saints and the other people who died for their religion. The day before All Hallows was called All Hallows Eve. Some years later the name became Halloween. 

The  Europeans who lived at that time thought that at night the dead people will come to visit them on Earth. To escape from the dead people, they dressed up in costumes and they looked as dead people. So the dead would think that they're also dead and they won't harm them.

This is why we put pumpkins out of our houses today and we dress up in scary costumes. Some kids in America knock on the people's doors and say ''trick or treat''. Usually the people say 'treat' and they give candy to the kids.

Saturday, October 27, 2012


Holly: What about going shopping at the market?

Max: It isn't exciting enough for me.

Holly: Why don't we go bungee jumping?

Max: It's too dangerous for me.

Holly: How about going sailing?

Max: OK.

Holly: Let's go skateboarding.

Max: Good idea.


Halloween is a very old celebration.Around 2000 years ago, some people lived called the Celts.November the 1st was their New Year's Day. At the night before the New Year they believed that the living and the dead came together.The Christian church named November the 1st All Saints day (All Hallows) and the eve (Hallows eve) became Halloween.Also, they used to carry lanterns and dress up like evil craetures. They believed that the bad spirits will hurt them. In America they carried pumpkins. They decorated them with scary faces.Today Halloween is for children and they celebrate almost for a month.They dress up and they knock on people's doors. They say "trick or treat?''. Boys' favourite costume is the pirate.



Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Comparing the sports!

 * Ice climbing isn't as difficult as sailing.
* Hiking is the least easy sport.
* Hang-gliding is less dangerous than ice climbing.
* Skateboarding is as dangerous as mountain biking.
 * Ice climbing is the least expensive sport.
* Hang gliding isn't as dangerous as sky diving.
* Canoeing is safer than bungee jumping.
* Hiking is the cheapest sport.
*  Bungee jumping is less dangerous than sky diving.
* Hang-gliding is more expensive than ice climbing.

Saturday, October 20, 2012

The Wild West

Frank and Jesse James were amazing. They were criminals in the Wild West from 1886 to 1915. They robbed trains and banks. They had a lot of ideas about how to rob the trains. One of them was to pull the rail tracks. With that idea, the train fell down and then it exploded.They used that idea a lot of times to rob and destroy the trains. I like Frank and Jesse James because they very strong and ruthless.


A small dialogue between Holly and Max

Max: How about bungee jumping?

Holly: It's too dangerous for me.

Max: What about skateboarding?

Holly: No, It's not exciting enough for me.

Max: Let's go sailing!!

Holly: Good idea.


Friday, October 19, 2012

Felix's free dive!

This is the best fall in the world! It is the most dangerous thing I have ever seen! It was a supersonic dive, which means that Felix was going faster even than the speed of sound. It is less safe than sky diving and the least comfortable sport of all. It is the most exciting thing a human has ever done!

(George found the video and wrote the comment.)


Sunday, October 14, 2012

The three most dangerous sports

1.Ice climbing is less difficult than Sailing.
2.Hand -gliding is the least difficult of the three sports.
3.Sailing is less dangerous than hang - gliding.
4.Ice climbing is the least expensive of the three sports.
5.Sailing is more expensive than hang -gliding.
6. Hang - gliding is more dangerous than Sailing.
7.Ice climbing is the most dangerous of the three sports.
8.Hang -gliding is more difficult than ice climbing. 

Saturday, October 13, 2012

No TV day

Hi George,
   I`m g to writing to tell you about NO TV day.
    When it isn't not TV Day I always watch football matches.Yesterday I watched the match of Barcelona-Real Madrid on the TV.I watch detective series too!
    On No TV Day I 'm not watching TV. I'm helping my mum. I' m listening to the radio. I'm playing football and basketball, but  I am not watching TV.
     What are you doing on No TV Day?Are you having fun?Are you helping your mum?

                                                       Write to me soon

                                                                         Best wishes