Tuesday, April 19, 2016


I am writing about Jiff the dog which has many abilities with his feet.
   The smallish Jiff walking and running on two legs like a human, goes skateboarding and has taken part in a video clip of Katy Perry.
   The fastest dog in the world in both legs broke the Guinness Record again!!The smallish Jiff is of Pomeranian breed and entered the Guinness Book of Records for two achievements:it is the fastest dog on its hind legs,he runs ten metres in 6.56 seconds and the fastest in the front feet with a performance of  7.76 seconds for five metres.
    I believe the Jiff is a cool dog and he is famous. I like it.This is a fantastic dog!!!!

Saturday, April 9, 2016

Guinness World Record

Most continuous appearances in BPL

WHO:Brad Friedel

Brad Friedel is an American goalkeeper who has played in Blackburn Rovers,Aston Villa and Spurs. He was born in 1971.He started his career in Newcastle United and ended his career in 2015 in Spurs.

He's the player who has continuously matches in BPL for 8 years,without missing any game. He played 310 matches in a row.

Wednesday, April 6, 2016


Where:Hong Kong

When:November 2013

The largest human video game controller consists of 259 participants and was achieved by Sony Computer Entertainment Hong Kong Limited (China) in Hong Kong on November 2013


                                  SROONS BALANCED

                                            WHO:Georgian Elchyev

                                             WHAT: 53 metal spoons


 WHEN: 25January2012


Georgian Etibar Elchyev poses                        

 with 53 metal spoons magnetized

 to his body during an attempt to

 break the Guinness World Record

 for most spoons balanced on a

 human boby.He magnetized 53

 spoons around his neck and his chest.

Tuesday, April 5, 2016


                 The largest head hair in a woman!
99247-Xie -Qiuping ---Longest -Hair -3-99247

WHO; Xie Qiuping

WHAT; Hair with 5,627 metres length

WHERE; China

WHEN; 08 May 2004

Xie Qiuping from China has been growing her hair since 1973, from the age of 13. Now, she holds the record for the longest female hair with a length of 5,627 metres when last measured. That's nearly as long as the height of a giraffe!