Sunday, March 31, 2013


LEFTERIS:I'm hungry!
NICK:If I were you ,I'd have a sandwich.
LEFTERIS:Oh,I'm bored!
NICK:If I were you,I'd watch TV.
LEFTERIS:I'm late for school.
NICK:If I were you,I'd hurry up! 
LEFTERIS:I'm tired.
NICK:If I were you ,I'd have a rest.
LEFTERIS: I'm dirty.
NICK:If I were you, I'd have a bath.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Competition entry about saving energy at home

I do lots of things to save energy at home. I save water. I use a little water to clean my teeth and wash my hands. When I was younger, I didn't use to save water. I used to recycle paper, plastic, glass and aluminium before the recycling factory closed. We still have two different bins, one for the food and one for the things than can be recycled.Also, I try to reuse things, like plastic bottles. I use them to plant plants. I usually switch off the lights when I get out of the room, but sometimes I forget about it. I never leave my computer on when I'm not using it. I think that the problem is the over-consumption. We must consume less and save energy at home. If we do that, the world will be a better place!


If it's sunny at the weekend my friend and I,will go to Lido soccer to play football, but if it's cloudy or it's raining, I will invite him to my house to play. I will play basketball on Tuesday, if the weather is good. I think it'll be good. It's spring after all! If the weather is bad, I will do my homework and read science books.

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Benjamin Button

   Our story starts ,in summer 1860, in the city of Baltimore.At that time the babies were usually born at homes.But Mr. and Mrs. Roger Button had different ideas.They wanted their first baby to arrive in a hospital.The Buttons were important in Baltimore society.They knew every good family in the town ,but everyone knew them ,too.
   This was their first baby, so naturally Mr. Button was nervous.He was hoping it would a boy so that he could send him to Yale College ,because he wanted to follow his track.This great day arrived. Mr. button hurried to the hospital.When he was close to the hospital, he saw the family doctor on the front steps.There was a serious look on the doctor's face and this made Mr. Button worried.
     He ran toward the doctor.
 "Doctor Keene" he shouted.
 The doctor turned and saw him."What happened?"Mr.Button asked."Is the child born?A boy or a girl?What...?"
"Talk sense!", the doctor said.
 "O.K.Is the child born?", he asked.
 "Yes",  he answered."A strange birth".
"Is it a boy or a girl?"
"Go and see"the doctor answered....

"What will my friend and I do?" / First Conditional

   If it's sunny at the weekend , we'll play volleyball and basketball at LIDO SOCCER.If it's cloudy on Monday and Thursday, we'll study science and English.

     If it snows all week ,we'll play snow war and make lots of snow men with a big smile from buttons ,a carrot nose and a beautiful scarf!!!!!!!                               

Sunday, March 17, 2013


Examiner:Who cooks your supper?
Nick: My mum usually cooks my supper, but yesterday Dad cooked supper.
Examiner:What do you eat for supper?
Nick:I usually eat 4 biscuits and drink (my) milk for supper.
Examiner:What do you do after supper?
Nick:I always go to bed ,read a book and then I take a nap!
Examiner:Tell me more about your evenings.
Nick:I always watch a documentary or a quiz show called "The schools are playing..."

A Diary Entry

   Dear diary,
   Today we went mountain biking somewhere in Psiloritis.It was beautiful there.The water was clean and we could drink from the spring.First ,we relaxed for one hour.Then, we played some games in the forest over there. I loved mountain biking and the games which we played, but my clothes were very dirty after all these activities.
    Tomorrow we're going to go canoeing.I'm excited, happy and afraid, all at the same time!I may go to a bad team and the canoe might sink!I really want to be at the same group with George, Manolis and Lefteris.Perhaps my prediction will come true and I'll be very happy!!!!

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Diary entry

Monday June 1st

Dear diary,

Today we went to a beach near the palace of Malia. It was sunny with no wind and hot as all the other days during the Cretan summer.The sea was peaceful with no waves at all. We swam for two hours and then we played water polo. After that, we played rackets on the sand, beach volleyball and finally we left. After we swam, we visited the palace. It was just amazing.We went back to the camp and took a shower. Then we played football and basketball and now it's time to go to bed. It was a great day.

Tomorrow we are going to climb up the mountain nearby to put our flag on the top of it. Then we're going to go mountain biking and send messages in Morse Code. Also we are going to go snorkelling to look for fish and try to catch them. I may catch nothing. After that, we are going to go back to and take a shower. Also we're going to compete in a basketball competition which I've entered. I'm a little nervous, but I hope to win.

Bye for now,

Email to our French friends

Dear Simon and Kilian,

Thank you for your email. It was fantastic to read about your character and to see your class photograph. We are writing to tell you about our character.

We are always cheerful and we are never grumpy.
Mostly at school we always do our best.
We never get into trouble!
We sometimes make our bed and hoover the room.
We have a lot of friends
We usually wear bright colors.
We always tidy our room.
We always take the rubbish out.

We look forward to your next email!

Manolis and Lefteris

Manolis, Trifonas the bird and Lefteris!

Saturday, March 9, 2013

My best friend

 My best friend is Lefteris.He's tall and he wears glasses.
He's honest, because he never tells lies.He's good fun ,because he tells funny jokes!He's kind and says "please"and "thank you" and he also is unselfish, because he thinks of other people.
I love him and he's my best friend!!!

Saturday, March 2, 2013

CHAPTER 1 The wolf-pack hunts

The land was covered with snow and it was silent.Into the still lifeless landscape broke the sounds and movements of life -of dogs breathing and calling other dogs.Lots of dogs were pulling the long sled.

When the far-north of Canada freezes, it controls everything that lives and grows there.The strong and the clever ones live ,while the weak die.

Suddenly, a cry cut through the frozen silence. The two men looked at each other, but they said nothing.Then a second and a third cry, came from all around.

" They're after us ,Bill" said Henry who was in front of the sled.But the wolves came closer at night.

"How many dogs do we have?"

"You know we've got six ,but why are you asking?" Henry said.

" I'm sure that I saw seven pairs of eyes when I threw them meat"...