Sunday, November 24, 2013

A report for the hotel in the neighborhood

The proposals of the local council

     The local council has found a Greek millionaire, who wants to build a large hotel in our neighbourhood. I have to express my opinion on this topic.There might be some advantages, but there might be some hidden disadvantages ,too.

The advantages

     There are three advantages concerning the new building in this area.The first advantage is that more tourists will come and the shop owners are going to make more money.The second advantage is that the owner of the hotel will hire more employees and there will be less unemployment than before.The third advantage is that the hotel will add to the prestige of this area. 

The disadvantages

     In addition to this, there are three disadvantages,too.The first disadvantage is that more people will be in cars, which will cause more air pollution in the area. The second disadvantage is that the traffic will be heavier and there will be a problem with parking spaces.The third and final disadvantage is the increased noise from the hotel's bars.People won't sleep or work quietly.

Recommendations and suggestions

     I strongly disagree with this idea.The hotel must not be built.It is like someone asks you for your life or money. Many people would choose the money, but they are wrong.We must not harm the environment because it might harm us afterwards.

Monday, November 11, 2013

Conditionals: Examples


War Horse

In this book,the War Horse, I read two amazing scenes about the friendship between people and animals.The horse has been trapped in the no-man's land,which is the space between two armies.Two people ,one from each army ,go near the horse in order to take care of it.

These two soldiers give the best example of peace in the world by talking together in a friendly way.They throw a coin and say "Heads or tails?".The British soldier wins and takes the horse and the German soldier tells him to take care of this beautiful ,but almost dead ,horse.


After that ,the horse is cleaned up and looks so incredible. Then, something very unexpected happens.The man who was cleaning the horse up understood that this horse was his lost horse and they had been together since they were both babies.


This man told himself that if he had been more careful with it ,he wouldn't have lost it. Now,he, finally finds it in a rare and strange way and he will never lose it again.These were the best scenes while reading of this book.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

My favourite movie

My favourite movie is Despicable Me 2.

It is a funny story with the famous and the unique minions and their boss Gru.They are in a difficult mission. What do you think, will they be the winners or not? Watch the film and tell us what your opinion is!


Amazon Rally: a story we read

Brian and David are motorcycle racers and they love motorcycle races!They have been to many Eyropean towns for them.They are from Enfield,a small town in England.

Brian and David go to Brazil for the Amazon rally.It is a rally in the Amazon jungle.The race starts and the two friends haven't got easy enemies, but they aren't a problem.

The rain is a bigger problem than the Italians,Brazilians ant the other players.On the third day, Indians catch the two friends because they think Brian and David are miners and miners kill the Indians.Sometimes Indians are friendly,but sometimes they are angry too.



Wednesday, November 6, 2013

Hotel Transylvania

   If you could visit Hotel Transylvania, would you keep he secrets of the monsters living here? Why or why not?

I won't tell the other people secrets of the monsters, because the monsters will be disappointed and I don't want to be a person who cannot be trusted. If I visited the monsters' hotel, I would be reliable.

In other words, I wouldn't reveal the monsters' secrets to anyone. The monsters will be able to trust me. If I tell the secrets, other people would be angry, worried and scared and maybe they would kill the monsters.

Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hotel Transylvania

      Question 1: Would you keep the secret of the monsters that live are living in the monster castle?

     If I lived on there and I was a monster, I wouldn't tell it to anyone of the humans because in the castle there lives the Dracula's daughter lives and her mother had died from the human's fire.Now,...if I was a human, (comma) I would tell the secrets only to my best friends ,so I know and I trust them that they won't tell it to anyone!

     Question 2: How is the difference shown in the film and what is so unexpected about it?

     The difference is that there are monsters which are afraid of people and not people afraid of monsters.That's the reason that the monsters' behaviour isn't logical according to people's thoughts.The unexpected thing about that gets into the film is love at first sight, ZING, between Jonathan ,a human, and Mavis , Dracula's daughter.