Sunday, October 20, 2013

The description of a friend

I've got a lot of friends ,but today I'm gonna tell you about one of them, Lefteris.Lefteris is one of my best friends and I have known him for almost seven years.The reason I met Lefteris was his twin brother Manolis.I had met Manolis in my uncle's marriage when I first saw Lefteris

Well ,Lefteris isn't very tall, but he's taller than me.He 's almost 1.60m. tall!! If I am not mistaken, his hair is black and his eyes are brown to black.


He's very mature for his age, but he's really funny, too.He's always kind and gentle to other people's parents and when someone needs help he's helpful ,too.


Last year ,Lefteris, Manolis, Chris,who is another friend and me had arranged to come to my house after the Halloween school party to play all day.We played lots of different types of games;sports ,computer games and table games. Then, at night their parents came to take them and I told them 'Catch you later!'. This beautiful day is one of the reasons why I love my good friend Lefteris so much!


  1. I can see the new phrases, bravo Nick! We are going to talk about this composition on Friday again. Well done!