Friday, May 16, 2014

Council proposals

The proposals
The local council is planning to develop a piece of land in our neighbourhoud .The first proposal is to build a new supermerket and the second proposal is to build a  hotel for tenagers.

Tow reasons to not to build the supermarket
There are tow main reasons to not build the supermarket.First of all we don't need a supermarket because there are already tree supermarket in our neighbourhoud  and the second problem is the traffic.the traffic will be heavier,the streets will be more dangerous  to croos and the fumes will create more pollution.

The advandages of a center for teenagers.
The only sports centre that excist in this area  is very small,and the equipment is quite old.The proposal is to  build a sports centre that includes a cafe is an excellent idea.Not all teenagers are into sports,but if ther is a cafe the everybody inthis age group can meet in appropriate environment

Reccommentation and Suggestions
I strongly support having a safe place to go where I can relax with my friends.I reccomend that the local residents should start a petiton, which anybody over twelve years old can sign.The council should also have meetings where everybody in the area can express their opinion,so they can make the best decision.