Sunday, February 24, 2013


Examiner: How many people are there in your family ?
Nick:There are three people in my family.My dad ,my mum and me.
Examiner:What do you like doing with your family?
Nick:I like reading books ,watching TV,playing basketball and making paper planes.
Examiner:Tell me about your best friend.
Nick: Well, my best friend is Lefteris.He's eleven years old, as me,and he wears glasses.He does extracurricular activities with me, his brother and our friend George.We always meet at the weekends and have fun together.


     Once upon a time, there was a hare which had lost in a race with a Tortoise. Because he was cross, he asked Tortoise for  another race."Three, two,one, GO!!".Hare started very fast.He ran down the hill and ran very fast , in the town.
      But in a few minutes he saw a river. He thought,"I'll jump".He jumped and fell into the water.He shouted for help and Tortoise saved him.The the race started again.
      Hare had almost finished, but the journalists stopped him at the finishing line to take photos of him.While he was taking photos, Tortoise passed the finishing line and she was the winner.

Bad luck, HARE!!

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Coming to your neighborhood soon!

The new science museum in our neighborhood is opening on Saturday 16th February. Famous scientists from all over the world are coming to the opening party. The name of the museum is "Heraklion science museum".

It's in Mastabas ,near the supermarket. It will be big, brown and black. It will have a lot of interesting things to do. There will be a map with all the volcanos of the world and an article about the volcanic activity in Greece. Also there will be educational programs for kids and for older ones. There will be explanations for physics and astronomical terms, too. The people will feel excited and they'll want to come back again and again.

Saturday, February 9, 2013

The call of the wild / Chapter 1: To the north

Buck was a big and strong dog which lived in Santa Clara valley in California. He lived with Mrs Miler and some other dogs in a very big place with lots of fruit trees, large gardens and a river nearby. Men found gold in the Yukon, so they wanted big and strong dogs to work in the cold and snow of the north.

Manuel, a gardener, took Buck when Mrs Miller wasn't in the house. Buck thought that it was an afternoon walk. Manuel took him to two strange men. They put a rope around Buck's neck. The gardener paid them. The dog jumped on them, but they pulled hard the rope around Buck's neck and they put him in a train. Then, they took him to an old man. That man held a club and an axe. Buck jumped at him ten times, but the man hit him with the block ten times. The last time Buck fell again on the ground and he didn't move.

After some days a man took Buck and put him in a boat with other dogs to the north.When they arrived something soft and cold was under Buck's feet. He didn't know what it was and he started biting it. It was the first time he saw snow!

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Felix and the fairy

  Felix and  his friends ,Jack and Mary, are at
the amusement park.They are having fun!There's so
much to see and do!They are really excited:''Look
at the strong man!Look at the juggler!Look at the
strong man!''.
  Felix and Jack are having a power competition.Felix
is the winner!The three children saw a magician and
they went next to him.The magician moved his wand
and said : "Abracadabra, look at the rabbit in the
hat"!A cute rabbit appeared and everybody said Wow!

Living in the air

  I think that, in the future, architects will design a machine which helps us beat gravity. This is why people will live in the air.The air won't be polluted because people will  travel with flying planes.

  It'll be amazing because people will fly, in the air. Everything will be in the air: restaurants, caf├ęs, police stations, libraries, houses, ice rinks and even super skyscrapers! I think that, with amazing machines, our life will never be the same.


I think future cities will be very different. Skyscrapers and buildings will be taller and very modern. Motorways will be above us and there will be air bridges, too. Cars will be as fast as a supersonic aircraft. People will work in special buildings with offices, basketball and football courts. There will also be a hospital and a theatre. Around the cities there will be lots of plants and a small river with water to drink. The temperature will be higher and the sun will be hotter, so people will always wear sunglasses, sun cream and a hat. Future cites won’t be so crowded and noisy as today.