Wednesday, January 30, 2013

My plans for the weekend

On Saturday morning I 'm going to my theory lesson. I'm in the same class with my friend, Nick. Then, I'm returning home and doing my homework. In the afternoon, I'm watching TV and at 10:00 I'm going to bed.

On Sunday I'm practicing the guitar and doing my English and German homework. In the afternoon I'm going for a walk with my mum and dad. In the evening I'm watching TV and I'm going to bed.
These are my plans for the weekend.

Saturday, January 26, 2013

The Selfish Giant

    Once upon a time, in a little village, there
was a giant's castle.Every day the children played
in the Giant's garden, but they didn't like Giant.
     One day the children heard:" Boom, Boom,
Boom!!!" They turned and saw a very big pair
of boots.They looked up and saw a big and angry
    The Giant said: "It's all mine!!!.Keep off
my garden!".

The children were very sad when they walked out of the Giant's beautiful garden...

Thursday, January 24, 2013



NAME:James bond
Film or Book:Film
Type of story:adventure
Main Characters:James Bond and his friend
When and Where?2012 in New York city
Story:James Bond and his friend try to break top secret codes!!!!Will they do it???

Was it an exciting story???YES

Wednesday, January 23, 2013

Aladdin and the lamp (Chapter 1 the uncle)

   Once upon a time Aladdin and his mother worked
hard to make some money.One day a wizard came to
his house and said to him: ''I'm your uncle Aladdin.
Come with me and I'll give you a lot of money''.
    Aladdin went to him out of the town.They went
in a secret cave in the desert.The wizard told him to
go down and bring the lamp back to him.But
this was a trap! The wizard closed the heavy door
and lit a fire.
    Aladdin rubbed the lamp and the genie
 appeared and said :''What's your wish master?''.
Aladdin said that he wanted to go home. Suddenly he was at home...

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Our email to our French e-pals

Hello there!

Thank you the information about your town. I am writing to tell you about my town.

My town is Heraklion. It has got some restaurants. My favourite restaurant is 'Macaroni'. Heraklion has got many cinemas, too, but the two popular cinemas are Technopolis and Talos. There are the most popular cinemas and shopping centres in Crete.

Heraklion has got some parks: Georgiadis park and Theotokopoulos park. They are very big and they've got many trees. Also, there's Saint Mina's church in the centre of the town, which is the biggest church in Heraklion.

This is my town. I am sending you the official website of Heraklion to show you some photographs of museums, parks, churches, monuments and the famous ancient palace of Knossos:

I have got a question for you now: what is your favourite wild animal? Tell me a few things about it.

Best wishes,
Lefteris and my twin brother, Manolis

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Top jobs

My dad is a cardiac surgeon. It's a very difficult job. He works in a private hospital in the centre of Heraklion. He has studied in London, in Germany, in Athens and in Thessaloniki for many years.

A cardiac surgeon has to save people's lives. An operation lasts for five hours. My dad has to be confident, hard working, calm and friendly to his patients

 A cardiac surgeon mustn't feel tired and he mustn't be disorganised in his mind and in his life.

My dad's job is a very good job, but very demanding. As any other doctor he has to help his patients be healthy. I like my dad's job, but I miss him too, because he is  away from home for lots of hours.

Top Jobs!!

      My dad is a classical guitarist.He has played
 with other orchestras in Greece.When he's playing
 in other countries we can go and visit him.That's 
really cool , because we can see other famous
 musicians in the whole the world.He usually works
 in Greece , but sometimes he works in other 
countries.He has to teach kids and adults.
      To play in concerts you must be confident.
If you are stressed you aren't going to play  well.
It's a really good job because he plays wonderful music.

Amazing animals

Dolphins are marine mammals. There αre almost forty species  of dolphins. Dolphins live in all oceans of the planet and even in some important rivers. Τhey vary in size; they can be from 1.2 metres and forty kilos up to 9.5 metres and 10 tones. They can jump very high outside the water. They can jump over 4.9 metres. They live forty- five to fifty years in the wild. Dolphins have blue or grey colour and black eyes. 

Dolphins are among the most intelligent and friendly animals. They are very clever, charismatic, acrobatic animals and they like playing many games, too. Also their mouths are like a friendly smile. 

Dolphins stay in groups for their entire life. They eat mostly fish, squids and shrimps. They track their prey through echolocation. They can know the location, the size and the shape of their target.

Dolphins sometimes follow fishing boats. People hunt them for their meat and their oil. Dolphins are usually trapped badly in fishing nets.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

My diary

Dear diary,
I'm at school and we're having a Science lesson.Ourr teacher is Mrs. Stella.
My friend Lefteris is looking for information for the Big Bang.My friend
Chris is reading a book about the doppler effect!John, Mike and Jim
are going to write a composition about gravity.Mrs.Stella is explaining us
Maxwel's terms.I'm writing a small book about ''the theory of everything''.
Bye for now,


A Christmas carol

The main character of the book is Scrooge, an old miser who lives alone and he doesn't like anyone.He isn't friendly at all.Also he hates Christmas! People are afraid of him.

It was Christmas eve and Scrooge worked at his office wit his clerk Bob Cratchit. Scrooge had a small fire, but Bob had an even smaller! Then two men came into the office.
"Good evening sir"said one of the men
"Good evening gentlemen" Scrooge said.
"Are you Mr Scrooge or Mr Marley?"they asked.
"Mr. Marley's been dead seven years now"Scrooge answered
"Would you like to offer some money to the poor?"asked the men
"No!"said Scrooge
Then the men left and his nephew came.
"Merry Christmas! God bless us!"said the nephew.
"Humbug! Christmas is nonsense!"Scrooge shouted.
After that Scrooge's nephew went away and then Bob asked Scrooge if he could see his family,because the next day would be Christmas day. Scrooge let Bob see his family only for that night. He said to Bob that he must be at the office early in the morning.

Scrooge lived at a house in an old neighborhood with no life. He opened the door and suddenly Marley's ghost appeared. It was ca rrying five heavy stones .
"Don't be like me" it said.
After that Scrooge went to bed and the ghost of the Christmas past appeared. It looked like a child. Scrooge followed it. They went to the village that Scrooge grew up. Scrooge was all alone. Then they went to the restaurant that Scrooge met his wife. After that the ghost disappeared as quickly as it appeared.

After that the ghost of the Christmas present came and it showed Scrooge Bob's family and Tiny Tim.Tiny Tim was very sick and soon he would be dead.The clock showed midnight and the ghost died slowly.

After that the ghost of the Christmas future came. It was very scary. It was the death himself. Scrooge became so tiny and the ghost with four black horses chased him. Also the ghost showed Scrooge Tiny Tim's death and his own. When Scrooge died no one said that he was a good person. Also the ghost showed him his grave and the date. It was 25th December ...finally, the ghost took him back in his bed. Scrooge was alive.After that scary experience Scrooge changed a lot. He helped Tiny Tim until he got well. Scrooge became one of the greatest people in the city!



Saturday, January 5, 2013

My Christmas

   One day ,I woke up and said: ''What's the date ,today?''.My dad told me that it was 25th December.I shouted:'It's Christmas,Yippee!'.
Our family had breakfast together.Then we put Christmas decorations in all the house.After that, we decorated the Christmas tree.
   My cousins came in and we played a lot of games.We played basketball ,volleyball and other games. We had fun and watched TV. We were watching fifteen films while our parents were playing
21 and 31, popular card games in Greece. Then, we sang some Christmas songs.
   Suddenly ,we heard ''knock ,knock''outside.That ''knock,knock'' went louder and louder.We opened the door and saw a fat man dressed in red.He laughed''Ho,ho,ho.Merry Christmas!''.It was Santa Claus.He gave us a lot of presents.Then he went away.
   After some hours my cousins went away, too.We had a beautiful time!!

Food for thought

  Mary lives in Sitia a seaside town on the island of Crete.She wants to have a party.Her father says yes and asks her what she wants for her party.Mary answers pizza ,chips ,coke ,sweets and a big chocolate cake.Her father doesn't agree with her because that's an unhealthy list.

   Finally, Mary falls asleep.In a while, she has a dream.All the unhealthy snacks come and ask her if they can come the party.But she always says no to them, because she doesn't want to have unhealthy snacks at the party.Then all the healthy snacks - apples,spinach pies,nuts,orange juice,water -come and ask her if they can come to the party.Mary always says yes.
   Next morning, Mary's mother can't still believe that her daughter is eleven years old.Dad sees that Mary has made a healthier list.''As long as you eat nutritious food you can eat some treats''.The guests are outside.They come in with a birthday cake.
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU !!!!
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR MARY!!!!
                HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!!

Friday, January 4, 2013


NAME: MANOLIS BAZOUKIS                                              


WHEN and WHERE:in 2012,in ENGLAND


Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Matilda , Chapter 9 An Unpleasant surprise for Miss Trunchbull

For the next new evenings, after school , Matilda secretly practised moving things with her eyes: rubbers, pencils, even books.Soon she could lift and push and pull them any way that she wanted to. On Thursday, Miss Trunchbull came to teach Miss Honey's class. Miss Truchbull looked ,carefully, at her glass and said 'I'm glad to see that there's nothing in my glass.Today I'll see if you can multiply by three.'You!Stand up!' she pointed a boy called Wilfred.I've got 7 Apples, 7oranges and 7 bananas.How many pieces of fruit have I got?' 'That's not multiplying' answered Wilfred?' 'Doesn't Miss Honey teach you anything?Three sevens are twenty-one!Say it!' 'Three sevens are twenty-one.' he said and Miss Trunchbull dropped him down.

Nigel shouted 'Look at the chalk -it's moving on its own!!'


'Who's doing it?'shouted Miss Trunchbull.But the chalk continued to write.

Agatha, this is Magnus.Agatha give my Jenny back her money.Give myJenny back her house, then go away or I'll come and get you like you got me.I'm watching you ,Agatha...

Then the chalk stopped writing and fell down.The same time Miss Trunchbull fell down uncoscious.'I did it ' Matilda thought...