Monday, July 22, 2013

Charles Dickens

As we all know Charles Dickens was one of the world's best and most famous writers.His novels have ''travelled'' around the world.In this composition that I'm going to write I'll tell you about two famous characters from Dickens' books.
The first famous character is Ebenezer Scrooge.Scrooge is an unkind and mean man.He doesn't give a lot of money to poor people and he doesn't care about that his clerk's son who is really ill in order to give some more money to the poor family.But ... one night Jacob Marley's ghost visits him and tells him that 3 more ghosts will visit him tonight.
Another famous character is Abel Magwitch.He's a bad criminal that escapes from his prison and he's free again.He meets a boy and he tells him to find food and if the boy doesn't come back ,he will kill him.But the boy comes back and the criminal becomes a grateful man.
Dickens was a good writer, but he died on 9th June 1870.

Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A letter of complaint

                                              12 Trehagirevopoulos Street


       Dear Sir/Madam

  I am writing this letter to complain to you about the digital camera that I bought last week from you.There are two problems with my camera.

      First of all , I asked for a red or a blue camera and you sent me a pink one!Then, the advertisement said that there is a program in the camera that can make funny pictures. I am sad to say that this program does not exist in my camera.
     Could you please give me another one or could I please have a refund?

     I look forward to your reply.

  Your faithfully,
         Nick Fr

Amazon Rally

   'Look Brian', says David 'These are our motorcycles'.David and Brian are motorcycle racers and they are at the Heathrow airport in London.They usually race in European countries, but this time they are going to race in Brazil across the Amazon Jungle.
   Brian reads a newspaper. 'There is a problem in Amazon.The Indians are very angry because miners take their homes.But David doesn't listen and says, 'The race is going to be good'. 'Yes, difficult, too', answers Brian.
    Two days later the racers are in Brazil.The race starts and the day is really hot.The first two days in the race are OK, but then the road is bad. However, our racers are first.Suddenly, they are lost in the jungle and Indians catch them.They ask them if they are miners ,but they explain that they are racers and they call the police to catch the miners.Finally, the police catches the miners and everybody is happy again.

Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another world: Chapter 1 " Happy is good"

       The School for the Higher Studies in Happiness was about five kilometres  outside Eden City's World.Every day ,a bus took the students from the center of the city to school.On the way the students sang songs that  they learned at school.
     I'm Happy ,I'm Happy ,Everyday in every way ,I'm Happy!!!!

       Student BZXY741 sat behind the driver.He was singing louder than the other students.He sang well and he always loved to sing everyday in every way.

     Happy is good, sad is bad ,I'm HAPPY.

   He was the best student of the year and every teacher and every student in the school loved him.He was the winner for the Best Smile.But... the girl next to him didn't sing as loud as the other students.He turned to her and she smiled at him, but he didn't know that this smile could change his life...