Saturday, December 8, 2012

The Nightmare before Christmas

      Jack Skellington wanted to have Christmas in Halloweentown.He said to ,the witches ,the vampires and the Skelletons to make something for Christmas.When all the things were ready he put his red jacket and hat on and then he flew in the sky.He thought that his presents were happy.But in every housethe toys were creating chaos.
      Then he saw light and he thought that the people are celebrating Christmas.But this light was a sign to slow down from the police.He didn't slow down and they shot him.He fell from the sky to the ground.Everybody thought that he was dead but he was alive.First he killed Oggie Boggie,the monster with the maggots,and then he went to the to the Mayor and he said that he was alive.Then Santa Claus threw presents and snow and they celebrated Christmas.In the end ,everybody was happy and excited. 

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  1. Well done Detective Nick, once again! I am going to bring you another book on Friday. Kisses and hugs! :-)