Saturday, November 2, 2013

Hotel Transylvania

      Question 1: Would you keep the secret of the monsters that live are living in the monster castle?

     If I lived on there and I was a monster, I wouldn't tell it to anyone of the humans because in the castle there lives the Dracula's daughter lives and her mother had died from the human's fire.Now,...if I was a human, (comma) I would tell the secrets only to my best friends ,so I know and I trust them that they won't tell it to anyone!

     Question 2: How is the difference shown in the film and what is so unexpected about it?

     The difference is that there are monsters which are afraid of people and not people afraid of monsters.That's the reason that the monsters' behaviour isn't logical according to people's thoughts.The unexpected thing about that gets into the film is love at first sight, ZING, between Jonathan ,a human, and Mavis , Dracula's daughter.

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  1. Bravo Nick! You're my Zing! Lalalala! (I keep singing this song over and over again, it's stuck in my head!)

    I discovered some tiny mistakes, though. Have a look, undercover agent NF in Transylvania's monster castle! :-)


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