Thursday, January 2, 2014

The Description of a friend

         My best friends are two , but  today I'm going  to tell you about one of them. His name is agent 007 and I've known him for ten years ,since 2003.

       He's very good-looking ,but he's not tall.He's not fat or thin.He's slim, like me.007 is fit and well-built as all the students of the class. His clothes are casual, but fashionable.They're colourful, too. His face has two beautiful ,round and black eyes and his hair is short ,straight and black ,too. When he gets embarrassed ,he has red cheeks.
      My friend, 007, is very tolerant because he has never problem with people of different nationalities and he's also very polite and kind with other people because he always says "please" and " thank you".007 is very responsible with the school projects.

     Once, my dad ,Alex, 007 and I  were playing football and suddenly , the ball hit my hand forcefully and I fell down yelling in pain. 007 came to help me with everything he could and that's one of the important reasons that he's one of my best friends, because one  friend who stands by you in pressure is one hundred times more valuable than friends who stand by you in pleasure.

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