Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Council proposal

The proposals

The local council is planning to develop a piece of land in our neighbourhood. There is one way they might develop the land. The proposal is is to build a hotel. There are advantages and disadvantages.

The advantages of a new hotel

More tourists will be in our area and that means that  the local shop owners will have more money. Secondly, a new hotel is important to the area and it will add beauty and fame to the neighbourhood. Finally, there will be less unemployment, because the owner is going to hire a lot of employees.

The disadvantages of a new hotel

First of all, there will be more cars, so there will be more air pollution and traffic fumes. Furthermore, the traffic is another problem, because there will not be any parking spaces. Moreover, the increased noise will annoy the local residents, who may not be able to sleep comfortably or work quietly. Therefore, life in the neighbourhood will change.

Recommendations and suggestions

In my opinion, I would like a new hotel to be built,  because this place will improve very much. As for the increased noise, the residents will get used to it in the future. If I were in the their position, I would write a a report to the mayor and tell him their suggestions. Another solution is the residents to sign a petition and send the results to the council. Last but not least, they can have a meeting and make a decision.

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