Saturday, January 3, 2015

A fantastic book

Hello readers! I wish you all the best for this new year and enjoy the new year! In the holidays, Mrs Markaki gave me a very good book. I read it and that's why I am writing this text for the blog!

The title of the book was "Amazon Rally". It was written by Eduardo Amos and Elisabeth Prescer. In this story two friends from England, go to Brazil for a motorcycle race. Their names are Brian and David. The race starts well but when they get into the woods of the Amazon, Indians stop them! Indians think they are miners and they want to kill them. But the two drivers explain who they really are. Indians understand and they let them free. They explain their problem with the miners. Then Brian runs to the police station to inform the policemen about the miners who want to kill the Indians. The police come to the village and stop the miners. Then the two drivers continue their race and finish. But not first or second, last of all. But with the notice to the police, they saved the Indians' village.

That was a great story and I loved it! I again wish you all the best for the new year and enjoy the last five days of holidays!


  1. Wow, Paul!!! I think you were born to be a famous blogger! You communicate with your readers so well and you describe the story even better! Great job Paul! We'll talk about my corrections on Thursday.

    P.S. You've won 10 BILLION points!!! Yeah!! Let's see if Detective Nick has read the book....


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