Monday, November 9, 2015

TV QUESTIONS is coming again!

-Can I ask some questions?

-Yes of course.
-So what did you do on summer holiday?
-Hmmm...First off all I went to my village.
 I played with my friend , I made and new friends from England. E
 my friends with my family and I went to Simy , to the sea at Arvi , and
we  came back to our village VAHOS!
    We also had a very  big celebration. And the organisers were......
  all  the children (with me of course) of the village!
  -Very good , that`s very interesting and exciting , too! Well,
  What  did  you use to do when you were three years old?
   -Am....When I was three years old I used to play with my dolls.
   E....I used to want my mum all the time  and at the end...I used to dance , sing
   and play with my sister Thalia.
   -Mm... very well! What were you doing at six o`clock yesterday?
   -Why are you asking me? But anyway! At six o`clock yesterday I was having a lesson.
   -What do you every day?
   - I do my homework.
   - What are you at the moment?
   -Xxx. Well I am answering yours questions.
   -Xxx.You are clever girl. Now, what are your plans for the weekend?
   -My plans for the weekend........I am going to go to my village.
   -What do you want to do at your birthday?
   - I want to have a big party and invite my best friends.
   -One more question. What do you want to do in five years time?
   -I want to go to University, because I want to be a teacher for little children.
   -The end . so, thank you so,so much.
   -Not at all.

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