Sunday, December 13, 2015

A theft

     As I was walking through the town centre one day, I heard a loud crush! I looked behind me and I saw two masked men smash an expensive car and steal valuable things from the inside. One of the two thieves was waiting on their motorbike which was the way they would go away after the theft. I got the number of their motorbike and I called the police.
      The same night, while I was watching TV, "breaking news " appeared on my television. I saw that the car which had been broken, belonged to a famous singer and he had his expensive and important things into the car ( phone,pocket,identity...) . The things had been stolen and the police was asking for witnesses! 
       The next morning after I called the police, I saw that the police caught the thieves and the items which had been stolen were found and they were returned to the famous singer. The thieves were sent to prison and I felt quite pleased and happy about all of this

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