Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Samara: My story

                               Samara the 3 challenges

One day Jessie woke up and ate her breakfast. She knew that today was her school Halloween's Festival. She had a great idea! She dressed up like Samara! Samara is an evil ghost and if someone makes fun of her she will kill him in 3 challenges. Jessie thought that it was a joke, but it wasn't. After the Halloween's Festival, next morning she woke up at eleven o'clock. That was strange for Jessie, because even the weekends she used to woke up at eight o'clock, but it was a different day for her. When she ate her breakfast she went to the bathroom to clean her teeth. She opened her mouth and spiders came out of it! That was unusual, the first challenge for Samara's revenge has been started.  She used to tell all her secrets to her mum and her best friend, but now she didn't tell anything. She didn't feel OK. She had a terrible headache. Then she coughed and she felt something in her mouth! She pulled out some hair!! It was disgusting. That was the second challenge. After she had a feeling that she doesn't feel her arms. She ran to the kitchen she knew that she would die. Samara could control Jessie's body. She took a knife and put it isnide Jessie's body.  After that terrible day Jessie died and Samara took revenge on her. Can you see her? She's behind you!!!



  1. Melpo, you are not only an amazing blogger, but also a talented horror story writer! I was scared to death after reading this blog post! And it’s midnight!! Ooooh, this is Samara behind meeee, heeeelpppp!!!

    1. Thank you miss Christina for yu beautiful coments