Saturday, November 25, 2017

Baby cry 1

 It was midnight, when I heard a baby crying out of the door. I didn't know who was. At first I thought that it was a joke, but the baby was crying for long. Then the cry stoped. After a minute I saw someone moving in our garden, running to the house next to us. I was so scared, me and my brother looked out of the window again and we saw someone taking a girl out of the house. We called the police. When they arrived it was to late. The man had just put the girl in his car. After one week a dead body found out of the house next of us. It was the girl's body, the man killed her and he leaved a message on her body. It says; '' Dear Sigons, I killed your daughter, now it's your turn. Love your cousin.''



  1. FantasticMelpo, you are amazing blogger! Your scary stories are awesome! Quick notes: stoPPed, left- not leaved, TOO late, the body WAS found