Sunday, March 18, 2018

A review about my favourite book

 My favourite book is ''Love over time''. Its writer is Kerstin Gier. The main character is Gueni. A strange girl who can travel in the past and she can see ghosts that others can't see. I like her because she has a good character, but her family is unkind and strange (exept her uncle, her sister and her brother), because they have the gift to travel in the past. I don't like her grandma because she's the most unkind person of her familly. Gueni lives with her famiy. Her mum, her uncle, her sister, her brother, her uncle, her mum's sister, her cousin and their batler. She has a very good best friend who is always by her side, her name is Lesli. This story has three books: Red, Blue and Green Diamond. I think that if you lovve romantic stories you should read those books. They're from the publications ''Susaeta''. I like it for three reasons. Firstly it's about love. Secondly it's about trips in the past and thirdly it has many mysteries.                                                                            


  1. It was an exercise for home and I had to publish a writing

    1. Well done blogger! I will follow your advice about this book in the future!