Friday, September 28, 2012

George's story


One year ago, in North England, four children Williams, John, Kevin and Kate found a treasure map in their attic.

One day they decided to look for the treasure. They went to the woods near their house. It was hot and sunny. They followed the map and they found a dark cave .The four children got into the cave. It was very cold. The water was falling from the top. There was a small lake, as well.

They crossed it and they reached the other side. The child saw a guard. He was standing in front of a bridge. 'If you want to go past the bridge, you must step on the squares with the letters of the word genesis', he said.

The four children passed the test and, out of the blue, a treasure appeared. The four children were happier than ever before! With the money they built a school for the poor children of the world.


  1. Well done George! Your story is amazing and sends a positive message in the end! We should find a treasure now to do a lot of good deeds...The problem is that we haven't got a map.. have we? :-)

  2. Hi,George I'm Nick and I want to tell you that if you want ,we can make a map together. We'll do that tomorrow in my house.I liked your text composition ,too.

  3. We will decide tomorrow about that! Thank you for your comment!