Saturday, March 2, 2013

CHAPTER 1 The wolf-pack hunts

The land was covered with snow and it was silent.Into the still lifeless landscape broke the sounds and movements of life -of dogs breathing and calling other dogs.Lots of dogs were pulling the long sled.

When the far-north of Canada freezes, it controls everything that lives and grows there.The strong and the clever ones live ,while the weak die.

Suddenly, a cry cut through the frozen silence. The two men looked at each other, but they said nothing.Then a second and a third cry, came from all around.

" They're after us ,Bill" said Henry who was in front of the sled.But the wolves came closer at night.

"How many dogs do we have?"

"You know we've got six ,but why are you asking?" Henry said.

" I'm sure that I saw seven pairs of eyes when I threw them meat"...

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  1. Great description, Nick! Very vivid! Do you like the book?

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