Monday, April 15, 2013

A conversation with the examiner

   Examiner:Where do you go after school?
   Nick:I always go home, by school bus, and do my homework.
   Examiner:Where do you like going with your friends?
   Nick:I like going to LIDO SOCCER with my friends because there you can play basketball,football and volleyball and if you 've got a bike there's lots of space to cycle.
   Examiner:Tell me about your holiday.
   Nick:On holidays ,I always visit my village.I have lots of friends there and in the morning,we play basketball ,in the afternoon we play football and in the evening, we play hide-and-seek.

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  1. Don't you ever study English? Minus ten million points!

    OK, OK, I am joking! You are an amazing blogger who only wins points! :-)