Saturday, April 20, 2013


    007 and 006 had to blow up an alien spaceship.They took lots of war and spy equipment with them because they didn't know the aliens' skills.
    They went near the spaceship quietly.They took some photos of the spaceship, with infrared cameras, so the aliens in the spaceship couldn't find them easily.Suddenly, they heard an alien
out of the spaceship .
    They hid behind a tree quickly and put a bomb under the spaceship which would explode in 5 minutes.After five minutes ,a loud BOOM was heard. They killed 1000 alien soldiers and they took a gold medal for their bravery.

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  1. What an 'explosive' story, Nick! I changed a few phrases, I hope you don't mind, hehe! However, the story was more than fantastic! I can't wait for some more stories full of allies, explosions, spaceships ... you know better than I do! :-)