Thursday, May 9, 2013

007 and the mystery criminal

Two months ago James Bond was in Istanbul following an unknown criminal on a moving train. The criminal shot him, but he hit him in the shoulder. The train was on a bridge and the two men were fighting angrily. Another agent of MI6 was watching them nervously. The leader of MI6 ,her nickname was"Mum", gave an order to the agent to shoot. The agent didn't want to shoot, because he could hit Bond. Finally, he shot and he hit 007. Bond fell off the bridge quickly in the water, but he wasn't badly injured. He was still alive.

Everybody thought that he was dead, but they were wrong. When 007 returned home and took out the bullet from his shoulder, he found out that this bullet was unique. So, he had to find who the criminal was. He searched for information on the Internet. He found out his name, he saw how he looked like and he found that he was at  Sangai. 

He went there and found the criminal at a high building. The criminal had just killed a very important person. They fought hard and James Bond pushed him backwards. The criminal almost fell off the building, but Bond caught him.It was early in the morning. The criminal let Bond's hand and fell.



  1. What a story, George! The details you have included make it even more exciting to read! The picture is also amazing; how did you manage to create it? What can I say... You won 10000 billion points! :-)

    P.S. I hope you also saw my 'happy name day' iMessages! Kisses and hugs!

  2. That was a good spy story man!