Sunday, May 19, 2013

A conversation with the examiner

EXAMINER: Where do you eat at the weekend?
NICK:I never go to a particular restaurant to eat -I go to restaurants that have lots of space for me to play. (What about eating at home?)

EXAMINER:Who do you go there with?
NICK:I usually go there with my parents ,but sometimes I go there with my friends and their families.

EXAMINER:Where do you like going on your holidays?
NICK:I like going to my village, because I have lots of friends there, or staying in a hotel with my friends and their families.

Examiner:Tell me about your school.
Nick:My school's name is PAGRITIO and it is huge.It's got two big playgrounds and two basketball courts and football pitches for us to play.The building has got two floors and lots of classrooms.There's also a basement where the toilets are.

Examiner:How many people are there in your family?
Nick:There are three people in my family.My dad ,my mum and I.My Dad's name is Alexis and my Mum's is Antigone.

Examiner.What do you after school?
Nick:I always discuss with my parents about what did we did during the day and do my homework for the next day.

Examiner Who do you play with at home?
Nick:I usually play basketball with Dad at home ,but when he isn't there, I play Scrabble with Mum.

Examiner:Tell me about your favourite toy.
NICK:My favourite toys are the NERF guns.They throw fake bullets to kill the enemy.I always play NERF with my friends.NERF guns are amazing!

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  1. Well done once again detective Nick! I am sure the examiner will be very impressed! You won 100000000000000000 points! :-)


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