Tuesday, August 13, 2013


Once upon a time there was a man called Winston Smith that lived in a society in which the government controlled every second of the day. They also controlled the mind with the thought police.There was the "king" of the government.This "king" was Big Brother.He controlledthe whole government with soldiers, thoughtcrimers and facecrimers (criminals?)

In every house there were two big posters.One poster wrote BIG BROTHER IS WATCHING YOU and his eyes looked into yours and the other poster wrote"FREEDOM IS SLAVERY

Winston worked in the Ministry of Truth.One day a big noise from the telescreen called all the workers in the center hall.Emmanuel Goldstein's face filled the telescreen.Behind his face there were a thousand soldiers marching.A girl got up and threw a Dictionary on the telescreen shouting"Pig,pig".She was a dangerous girl especially with men.

One day Winston called one friend ,O'brien, to discuss with him.O'brien told him about facecrimers.Then after the conversation he started getting back home. On the way he met a girl who was hurt and lay on the floor and he helped her get up.He took her home to look after her.But the thought police caught them and wanted not to punish them but to help them.After that they saw they were well and they set them free.Winston went to a café and saw Big Brother on the telescreen.Then he started crying.He finally loved Big Brother.

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  1. What an amazing summary of a very difficult book! Well done Nick! You've just won 123456789 million summer points!!!

    Since you are the winner, take a look at my corrections. Are you sure the word the writer used was 'facecrimers'?