Monday, July 22, 2013

Charles Dickens

As we all know Charles Dickens was one of the world's best and most famous writers.His novels have ''travelled'' around the world.In this composition that I'm going to write I'll tell you about two famous characters from Dickens' books.
The first famous character is Ebenezer Scrooge.Scrooge is an unkind and mean man.He doesn't give a lot of money to poor people and he doesn't care about that his clerk's son who is really ill in order to give some more money to the poor family.But ... one night Jacob Marley's ghost visits him and tells him that 3 more ghosts will visit him tonight.
Another famous character is Abel Magwitch.He's a bad criminal that escapes from his prison and he's free again.He meets a boy and he tells him to find food and if the boy doesn't come back ,he will kill him.But the boy comes back and the criminal becomes a grateful man.
Dickens was a good writer, but he died on 9th June 1870.

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  1. Bravo Nick for reading so many books in the holidays!

    You have just won 10 million extra points! :-)