Wednesday, October 30, 2013


      Thou  Vou is 30 years old, but he has played many different roles. He is a basketball player, a painter and a student. But he isn't a basketball player he is an undercover agent and he works for James Bond.

      What's your name , your job and your age?
My name is Thou  Vou, my job is to be an undercover agent and I am 30 years old.

      Why is it interesting?
It is interesting because I solve mysteries and I save other people.

      What have you been doing recently? 
I have been following a thief who stole a lot of jewellery.

        How many years have you been doing this job? 
I have been doing this job since 2002.
      Well, thank you Thou  Vou , we wish you all the best. If you have a problem call him at 5-66-999 and he'll be at your service. This agent plays a role-it isn't an imaginary role-it's his life.


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  1. What an amazing article, agent CP! See you at 8 for the film, right?