Sunday, December 1, 2013

An entry for the disguise competition

    Hi, "Fun TV".My name is Nick and I'm sending this entry to your competition "In disguise for a Day".I would like to seem like Jim Carrey in "The Mask", because he did amazing and exciting things like revealing fridges, hammers ,watches that talk and all these from his pocket.
    First of all,I would like the make-up artists to put the  mask on my head so I'm  just like him.I would wear glasses for the different disguises that the mask man has during the movie . For example, I'd like to look like a salesperson, a teacher or even a scientist.I want to wear new shoes because I want to invent a new walk. I also want to wear small cushions in order to appear bigger.
   While I'm in disguise, I would like to fool my dad, my mum,my granny ,my cousins and friends ,too. I like fooling people, especially on Halloween. I hope you 'll make me like the mask.I look forward to your reply.

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