Monday, December 16, 2013

Stories of Courage

          This is Mathew's true story of courage that I call "River to Freedom".One day Mathew was walking by a river in Egypt.That river was the famous Nile. Suddenly, he stumbled on and fell in the cruel river. He tried to swim to save his life but it was impossible.Then, he saw the two ,dark and yellow eyes of a crocodile.The crocodile was running incredibly fast towards him,but when it was about a step away from him it turned and walked away.
          That wasn't Mathew's first lucky escape.Some years ago,in the World War 1,he was into prison because of the German domination.Every day German soldiers hit Egyptians.One day they took them out of prison next to a river.His hope for freedom was getting bigger,so he asked a soldier about the river.The German soldier answered him that the river had electricity lines in it.His hope had been broken.To the Egyptians' luck,the bell rang for lunch ,so they made a line and started walking to take their tasteless food? When the most people had gone he ran towards the river and  jumped.He luckily swam under the electricity lines till he reached the other side of the river.

         Finally,his body was saved but weak.He remembered that he had some friends at the Port. He walked 30 kilometers in a day and fortunately arrived at the Port alive.His friends gave him a fast boat and he went to his dad's home,so the old father was there waiting for him.If we have difficult times in our lives, we should remember Mathew's courage and bravely fight against them.

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