Sunday, October 26, 2014

Samara: My favorite horror movie

It was a scary night and I was with my friends.We went to the Video land and we rented a horror story which was called Samara.When we went to my home, we watched the movie.In the movie Samara was a child and she was lived with her mother in a village.One night her mother took her and she threw her into a big and long well.Since that day Samara was a ghost and all the nights she went out of the well.All the people of the village got scared.

Twenty years later this village was destroyed and in this point a big city was built.The place where the well of Samara was was under of a house.In the house a big family lived.Samara was angry with the family.Samara wanted to kill all the family.At first, the family got scared because  she started to turn on and off the lights. One day Samara was on the TV but the family didn't understand it.They thought it was a trailer but suddenly Samara broke the TV and she killed the father.Then she disappeared .The family was cried for days.Another day Samara appeared in front of the family and she killed one of the three children.

Finally the family got angry and they were waiting for Samara.Suddenly she appeared. The family was ready that time. Samara she went to kill the mother but the mother took quickly a knife and she threw it to Samara and she died.That's all about my favorite horror movie.                   


  1. Bravo Themis!!! Heeeeelp, that's very scary!!!

    (Do you understand my corrections? I am sure you know all these things!)