Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Description of a friend

I have a friend who is very important to me. His name is Panagiotis. I met him a few years ago. Six years ago I met him for the first time at school, but we have been friends since the third class.

His style is unique for sure! He wears always comfortable clothes (never jeans), but generally he wears modern clothes. He is not old-fashioned or colourful. He is a good-looking boy (he has a girlfriend, too) and he is tall. He is fit. He is slim but his mum wants him to eat more than he eats. His eyes are normal and round. They are green, too. I think that his eyes are the best thing about him. His hair is short and straight. His hair is blond. He wears glasses, but he has not got freckles, moles or anything else.

His character is amazing but sometimes he can be very bad to people, but this happens very rarely. He has good and bad personality characteristics. He is very, very, very patient. He can wait for you, if you are late for hours and he can listen carefully about your problems. He is always cheerful, every day. He is reliable, you can tell him everything you want. He is mature, but sometimes he is immature, I do not know how. He is polite with the other people and finally, he is tolerant with the other nationalities and with people.

There is something that I will remember for ever! I remember we were at the supermarket to buy chewing-gums. There was a sign which said with capital letters "DO NOT TOUCH THESE GUMS". We looked at each other and suddenly we heard a noise, like a sirene. We started running. We went out of the supermarket, but we saw an ambulance with a sirene. We started laughing! This is why that Panagiotis is one of my best friends.


  1. Bravo fantastic Paul! Take a look at the things I underlined and you can ask me today if you have any questions. I am bery happy with both of you, detectives!! What surprise should I prepare for today? Hmmm....