Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My best friend

  My best friend is George. I have known George since the first day of junior high school. I have known him for five months.
  George is a good-looking,short and fit child.He wears modern clothes.His clothes are very fashionable.His face is pretty too.His eyes are big,round and brown .He has got a big mouth and when he laughs we see his teeth which are very clean His hair is short,straight and it is brown.
  My friend is very tolerant because he never has a problem with people of different nationalities or religions.Also,he is very polite too,because he never says bad words to anyone.He is cheerful and every day we play basketball together.
  Two weeks ago I was with George on the beach.We were swimming when George saw many jellyfish in the sea.We were very scared.We called the other people who were there.They were scared,too! Finally a lifeguard came there and he killed the jellyfish.It was a tragic moment! After this moment,I think I laugh a lot with George and he's always going to be my best friend. 

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  1. Bravo Nick! I knew you are an amazing blogger! Try to remember the things we corrected somas not to make the same mistakes again. Well done once again, detective!