Friday, April 24, 2015

Crazy dialogue in a restaurant: Bravo to Themis and Marina!

Themis: May I have the menu please?


Marina: You can get it on your own. It's over there.


Themis: OK. Hmmm, let's see... I would like to have green salad and some chicken.


Marina: We have run out of salad. Bad luck!


Themis: I would like to have some red wine, too.


Marina: I am too tired to go to the kitchen and tell the chef what you want. Do you know that I have to study English all day long?


Themis: I understand. Can you give me a napkin, at least, please?


Marina: I think that you want too many things .I told you that I am so tired. Anyway, I will bring the food.


Themis: (while eating) Excuse me. May I have more wine,please?


Marina: I think that you drink too much, but that's your problem. Here you are.


Themis: May I have the bill, please?


Marina: Oh, of course you can have the bill. It's 100€, but I want 20€ for a tip!


Themis: I've had enough! I would like to speak to your boss, young lady!


Marina: OK, but you'll have to wait. He's eating at the restaurant opposite the street.


(Finally, Themis presents his evaluation report.)

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