Thursday, April 2, 2015

Student's proposal by Paul Iliakis

The proposal

Our city wants to build a hotel. There are some advantages and disadvantages about it.

Two reasons not to build a hotel OR: The disadvantages of a new hotel

There are two main reasons why a hotel is not useful. First of all, the air pollution will be more, because more cars will be there. The second problem is that the traffic and all the cars will make very big noise and the neighboorhood's life will change and that change will not be very good.

The advantages of a new hotel in the city

There are many advantages of building a new hotel. Firstly, we have a beautiful city, so with a new hotel more tourists will come. This means more money. Secondly, the owner wil hire a lot of employees, so we will have less unemployement. Also, our city has many pieces of land, which are not used. Therefore, the hotel is going to be built on this land.

Recommendations and suggestions

As a student, I strongly support that our city needs a hotel. All the hotels, in our beautiful city are not good, so a nice one will be able to make tourists come to the hotel. But this is my personal opinion. I think we must start a petition to let the local residents express their opinion and solve the problem.

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  1. Bravo fantastic Paul but take a look at some little corrections I have made.