Thursday, January 28, 2016

Grammar quiz: Third conditional

1. Complete the sentences.

1. If  that man hadn't thrown (not/throw) his cigarette out of the window , there wouldn't have been a forest fire.

2. If  you had told (tell) me earlier that Tim would come to the party , I wouldn't have come .

3.Sarah would have given  ( give)  you her mobile phone if you had asked her.

4. If the safari park had had  ( have) hidden cameras , the guards would  have caught  the poachers.

5. She would never have come  ( never/come) with us if she had known how difficult  the climb was.

6. If people had not killed  ( not/kill) so many wild  animals  for profit , many species wouldn't have become extinct.

7. The thief would have got (get) away if the neighbors  hadn't  called the police when they heard the alarm.

8. If her mother had not woken (not/wake) her up , she would have been late for school.

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