Thursday, January 28, 2016


     Mary, who I know from school is one of my best friends. I have known her since September.
    Mary is very beautiful and good-looking. She is slim, because she has been going swimming for many years. Also, she is tall and well-built. She wears colourful and trendy clothes every day. She has got big, oval and brown eyes, a small mouth and nose. Her hair is long, curly and blond. I love doing hairstyles in her hair! Finally, Mary hasn't got glasses, frecles or red cheeks, but she has got a mole.
   Of course, she has got a good character. She is patient and polite. She is hard-working and tolerant, too. Also, she is friendly, because she doesn't have problems with new friendships. Finally, she isn't nervous, embarrassed or shy and she is so cheerful that makes all my classmates laugh and be happy!
   The experience that I will always remember is about a girl in our class at the start of the lessons, who didn't have friends and was very shy. One day Mary told me that she wanted to help her and solve her problem. I was very thoughtful about this. Mary was decisive and then we helped this girl and, after that, she made a lot of friends. Mary is one of my best friends, because she has a good character and stands by me when I have problems.

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