Wednesday, November 23, 2016


Mary James is 27 years old.
She has played many roles as a
teacher, architect, doctor,
hair stylist, vet, air hostess e.t.c.
She is a secret agent!

Well, How long have you been a secret agent?
I have been a secret agent since 2014.

Can you tell us about your roles?
So, I have played many roles as an architect, teacher, doctor, vet, air hostess, hair stylist e.t.c.
This is a hard job because I must be careful not to be discovered.

What is your undercover role now?
I can't talk about it but I can tell you about the story.  We have been trying to catch a gang of burglars. I have played many roles in the story.

Finally, has your life ever been in danger?
Yes, one time. I was running because I wanted to catch one of the burglars who were carrying weapons and wanted to kill me.

Wow, thank you very much Mary!
We wish you all the best!
So readers, write me a comment.

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