Friday, November 4, 2016

The unknown boy

   It was a dark night in a small village in South America.This village was different from the others.Every Friday the Thirteenth strange things happen in our small village.People say that they have seen monsters and witches but the most frightening was the unknown boy.The body that nobody knows.
   Every Friday the Thrirteenth the unknown boy and his company choose rich and fool people for lunch. They do that as punishment to those who do not give ''euro'' to the poor humans.
   One day the unknown boy heard a conversation between two poor old men:
''I want to kill this ''unknown boy''said the man  
''Why is he doing this? What did he want to prove?''said the other man.
 The unknown boy called his friend and he told them:
''What do we want to proove?''he said''Nobody wants us.What do we want prove?''he said quietly.
''Why are you saying this words my friend?''said the biggest monster.
''I heard two old men saying that they want to kill me!!Can you imagine that?''said the unknown boy
''Are you sure my leader?''said the ugliest witch
''Yes, and I almost started cry.I tried to walk but I couldn't.I was very disappointed and now I am!''said the  unknown boy.
''Don't be sad my lord.They have to be disappointed because of what they said about you!Do you want to kill them,maybe?''said Roumanos monster.
''No,but I have a better idea.We are going to write a letter for the people in the village.''
                        Hi, It's me ,the unknown
                                 boy, you 're hopeless.
                                 Sorry, I didn't mean 
                                  that or did I ??
                                  Anyway!Tomarrow at 12a.m
                                  at the harror centre!
 The next day at 12a.m. everybody was at the harror centre .They were waiting for the unkown boy but suddently they saw a shadow,It was the unknown boy who was so so pretty.He had back eyes and yellow hair.
''Have you ever asked yourselves who I am?''said the unknown boy.
''Continue please''said the chief of the village.
''Yes, yes I'll continue.I am, I am, I am all the people have died in this village.I'm your mother your father. I'm   my sister, my brother, my mum, my dad.''said.
''But how?''asked the captain.
''Actually,I don't know,but the only thing I know is that rich and fool people killed my family.I'll live you alone if you promise me one thing:you will take care of the harror center.''said the unknown.
''We promise take care unknown boy''
''Goodbye,come on my monsters we need to go God.He is waiting for us'' 
''Goodbye monsters, goodbye unknwon boy''said all the village together.
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  1. Well done fantastic writer! You have won this time! Let's see if we are going to win the reading competition too!