Sunday, December 3, 2017

Activities from Charles Dickens story ''A Christmas Carol''

Activities from Charles Dickens story; A Christmas Carol

 Exercise 1: Write the names of the characters.

1. He hates Christmas and he has lot of money.                     

2.He was horrible and nasty, until he died.                    

3.He's Scrooge's clerk, he's very poor and he has a large family.                

4.He's always in chains because he's damned for eternity.                   

Exercise 2: Circle the correct answer

1. Charles Dickens is a writer/director.

2. The first ghost took Scrooge to the past/future.

3.  The 2nd spirit is the ghost of Christmas present/Christmas past.

4. The 3rd spirit is kind and sweet/scary and he never talks.

Exercise 3: Write a description of the first ghost.


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