Sunday, December 3, 2017

Baby Cry 2

When Sigons saw the letter they were very scared. They hoped that it was a joke. The other day they called the police. The policemEN said that they WOULD find the killer as soon as they can. The mum of the dead girl started crying because she understOOd that she haD lost her child. It was Friday the 13th and someone gave a ring at Sigons’ home. The man saID to them: ''Hey you, don't hang up the phone! It's me, your cousin Paul.” The man fainted and her wife closed the phone and called the ambulance. They came as soon as they could. They said that he was strong, but maybe he coyld die. After one week the man phoned again, but knowone awnserd. Then he decided to go at Sigons' home. He get inside quietly and he took a knife and killed them.  After six years, when he died police found that he was......           

                                                                       What do you think?

Write me your comments or post what do you think that the man was!


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