Sunday, October 28, 2012

Everything about Halloween!

Two thousand years ago, a nation called the Celts had a celebration. On 1 November they celebrated the New Year.

Some centuries later, the Christians had another celebration on the same day called All Hallows. That was a celebration which is about a special holy day to honour the saints and the other people who died for their religion. The day before All Hallows was called All Hallows Eve. Some years later the name became Halloween. 

The  Europeans who lived at that time thought that at night the dead people will come to visit them on Earth. To escape from the dead people, they dressed up in costumes and they looked as dead people. So the dead would think that they're also dead and they won't harm them.

This is why we put pumpkins out of our houses today and we dress up in scary costumes. Some kids in America knock on the people's doors and say ''trick or treat''. Usually the people say 'treat' and they give candy to the kids.


  1. Fantastic composition Nick!Well done. Thank you for the coment.

  2. Great description Nicola and what a kind comment you received from your fellow blogger, George! Take a look at it again and tell me what you think about some changes I made in the next lesson. Kisses to both of you!