Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Nicolas' favourite film


  1. Hello Nicolas,
    Thanks for telling us about your favourite film. I think I may have seen it. Was it this one ? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Troy_(film)
    I like Greek mythology very much. Acyually, I like just about everything about Greece.

  2. Hello, Michael! Thanks for the comment! I'll play draw something in few minutes! I am afraid there was a mistake in the last game: the word couch was wrong!(Sorry if we made a mistake and we don't know that word but I want to tell you that your drawing was a river!) .

    I'm happy that you like Greece and Greek mythology! Do you like America? My other favourite films are Rocky Balboa 1,2,3,4,5,6. Do you like Rocky Balboa films or are you bored with them? Goodbye for now , see you soon!

  3. The above comment was written by Nicolas who could not access his account, so he used mine! :-)

  4. Hello Christina, thank you for passing along Nicolas' comment. Nicolas, I'm sorry things didn't work out with the last round of draw something, but that's the way things go with games sometimes. Please don't worry about it.
    As for Rocky, I really like the first film. I went to see it in the cinema with my first girlfriend. Her name was Litsa, and she was Greek Canadian.
    Bye for now!

  5. What a coincidence, Michael! Thank you for writing such wonderful comments on our blog. Well, I guess we're going to 'see' you very soon in the next Draw Something game! Until then, take care! :-)

  6. Hello ,Michael I've seen your comment! I am Nicolas and I am writing on my teacher's iPad. This is why I am using her account. I've found a new film! It's called Ice Age 4 and I have seen that film on the cinema and I'm sure that you will like it! Also my grandmother's name is Litsa!!!!!!!!!!Can you believe this? Now I'm going to play Drawsomething,OK? See you there!