Thursday, July 4, 2013

Another world: Chapter 1 " Happy is good"

       The School for the Higher Studies in Happiness was about five kilometres  outside Eden City's World.Every day ,a bus took the students from the center of the city to school.On the way the students sang songs that  they learned at school.
     I'm Happy ,I'm Happy ,Everyday in every way ,I'm Happy!!!!

       Student BZXY741 sat behind the driver.He was singing louder than the other students.He sang well and he always loved to sing everyday in every way.

     Happy is good, sad is bad ,I'm HAPPY.

   He was the best student of the year and every teacher and every student in the school loved him.He was the winner for the Best Smile.But... the girl next to him didn't sing as loud as the other students.He turned to her and she smiled at him, but he didn't know that this smile could change his life...

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  1. Wow, it sounds like a great story....I can't wait for you to blog about the end of it!