Tuesday, July 16, 2013

A letter of complaint

                                              12 Trehagirevopoulos Street


       Dear Sir/Madam

  I am writing this letter to complain to you about the digital camera that I bought last week from you.There are two problems with my camera.

      First of all , I asked for a red or a blue camera and you sent me a pink one!Then, the advertisement said that there is a program in the camera that can make funny pictures. I am sad to say that this program does not exist in my camera.
     Could you please give me another one or could I please have a refund?

     I look forward to your reply.

  Your faithfully,
         Nick Fr

1 comment:

  1. Hey, Nick! Do you like the new name of your street? I think it is much better than the real one, hehe!

    Your letter is amazing, but you forgot that we don't use short forms (aren't, isn't, etc) in formal letters. What is more, 'exist' is a stative verb, so we use it in the present simple.

    Continue your exciting summer holidays, my agent, and don't forget to write on the blog as much as you can! Lots of kisses to all the other secret agents, too!