Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Amazon Rally

   'Look Brian', says David 'These are our motorcycles'.David and Brian are motorcycle racers and they are at the Heathrow airport in London.They usually race in European countries, but this time they are going to race in Brazil across the Amazon Jungle.
   Brian reads a newspaper. 'There is a problem in Amazon.The Indians are very angry because miners take their homes.But David doesn't listen and says, 'The race is going to be good'. 'Yes, difficult, too', answers Brian.
    Two days later the racers are in Brazil.The race starts and the day is really hot.The first two days in the race are OK, but then the road is bad. However, our racers are first.Suddenly, they are lost in the jungle and Indians catch them.They ask them if they are miners ,but they explain that they are racers and they call the police to catch the miners.Finally, the police catches the miners and everybody is happy again.

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