Saturday, November 1, 2014

NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS (the description of the chapters1-2-3)

Jack Skellington is the most famous skeleton in HALLOWEEN TOWN.He is a singer who singS scary songs ON Halloween day.He doES the same things every year so he was bored.Jack  runS away from Halloween Town.He was walking for hours when he arrived at Christmas Town.In Christmas Town it was Christmas so all the people were happy.Jack saw their traditions and he got back TO Halloween Town.
He tried to talk to the people of Halloween Town about the people at Christmas Town and their traditions....


                                                            THE STORY CONTINUES...

                 NIGHTMARE BEFORE CHRISTMAS trailer


  1. A huge bravo to the girls' team! Please look at my corrections and ask me if you have any problems. Remember to use Present Simple only OR Past Simple only when you talk about a book, but not present simple and past simple together in the same paragraph. I also loved the video you chose! Well done again!